Two out of three buying   deals fail!

Often with severe consequences for both seller and potential buyer!

After more than 1.000 Due Diligences, Mergers and Acquisitions the Consultants and Experts of docurex have compiled the essence of a successful  Due Diligence. We’re proud to share our free 29 pages ebook containing the 150 most relevant questions to master any Due Diligence with you.

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Proven Efficency

Don't repeat the same mistakes that make 2 out of 3 acquisition a failure.

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Over 5600 readers

Since 2009 more than 5.000 readers have taken their benefits from the checklist. Several hundred comments and remarks from industry experts have been woven into the copy.

29 pages in length

Almost 30 pages long and covering any aspect like commercial situation, financial figures and legal issues will help to save you valuable time and money.

About the Due Diligence Experts

The team of due diligence consultants, IT-experts around dataroom founder Matthias Böhmichen have helped countless clients and their customers to master the complex processes that arise during a due diligence.